Friday, May 08, 2015

Wow! Phew! (but I did predict it)

Nitemare on Milliband street was just that.It is bright confident morning again.Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief.The nation peered over the precipice and drew back.Milliband who had parasitically atatched himself to the New Labour phenomena and sought to get into 10 Downing St on a Stalinist prospectus has been roundly seen off by the conservative electorate who may have lost some of their marbles but had enough left to see what a disaster and toxic menace Labour represented.

And the Liberals too, eviscerated.Can it get any better?Another parasite on the conservative host this time,riding to unearned power on Cameron's coat tails has been practically wiped out.But we need shed no tears for yet another party flying under false colours as moderate when it brought into being the Labour party with its liberal welfare agendas.

So it is goodbye to the lot of them and hello to a conservative party dependent on its right wing re EU etc.It could hardly get any better.

Of course I  wanted Ukip but they were never going to win and with the present electoral system they will be unrepresented but they live to fight another day for sure.And no I am not a conservative any more but with the terrifying prospect we were confronted with were it not that I dislike alcohol I would be drinking a toast to them myself this morning.

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