Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Labcon created Scot Nat Frankenstein Monster

In a perfect illustration of how you cannot compromise with extremism Labour sought to buy the Scot Nats off with devolution and a Scottish parliament but this simply created a halfway house for Scottish independence.The conservatives under Cameron further facilitated this process by allowing a referendum on the issue and then appeasing the Scot Nats yet again by promising even more devolved powers if they stayed within in the union.Surprise surpise this only fed the appetite of the Splurgeonistas and increased their legitimacy in the eyes of the Scottish people.

After a No vote the Scots now have defacto independence,with all the benefits and economic cushion of remaining within the Union but none of the risks of independence.Why wouldn't any Scot vote for them -a vote for having their cake and eating it?

It takes chutzpah on an industrial scale for Labour and the Conservatives to be bewailing a process that they themselves foolishly set in motion.

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