Saturday, May 02, 2015


How telling is it that almost half the electorate cannot decide who to vote for.It is the same non existential dillema one faces when confronted by two seemingly identical products in different packaging in the supermarket and there appears to be no way of determining which to purchase.

The public's frustration with the political system democracy  has not been correctly analysed in this election as the last thing the intelligentsia and media want to do is identify the elephant in the room and risk the whole system collapsing around them.So I will do it instead.The problem gentle reader/s is democracy itself.You are all frustrated because you have a sense of powerlessness but that is precisely the intent of those who designed the thing we call democracy.It is called in classic terms the divide and rule strategy.

Democracy is designed to suck the independence from the individual whilst appearing to empower the same .This ingenious construct has fooled pretty much all the people all the time and continues to do so to this very day as no one is saying the fault lies not in us but in democracy itself,they are merely saying something has to be done to make democracy work effectively.Profound error!

And what absurd solutions to this problem they proffer: compulsory voting,proportional representation,public funding of political parties.Apart from anything else if you fail to identify the problem correctly you will be putting forward solution to a problem that does not exist whilst ignoring the actual problem.

Do not think for one moment that this is some sort of accident.Those coming up with all the false analysis and false solutions are the same people who are behind the democracy scam and want it perpetuated to infinity.

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