Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Was wondering what line the political losers of the election would take to explain away their catastrophic defeat.It did not take them long to come up with one.It was Fear gentle readers that did it for them.The nasty wicked Tories frightened the voters into electing them!They conjured up such  unspeakable horrors of an SNP Labour pact that the poor helpless voters went scurrying back to Tory nurse for fear of a stitched up North South Marxist cohabitation of Labour and SNP

.For sake of argument say it was so.Is that such an unreasonable fear? If you know the person walking across the street had ebola would you not run away in fear? Or your house was on fire? No,some fears are rational and fear of a rabid SNP Milliband coalition was one such fear.

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