Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bad losers

The incredible sulk of Paddy Ashdown on Question Time was a real treat.For sheer bad grace   it was in a class all of its own.Bad loser doesn't really approximate it.Aside from the fear factor that I covered in my last post Paddy came up with a real gem to explain why the liberals lost.It was Rupert Murdoch's fault! If it wasn't for that darned pesky  free press we'd have won it! Levenson should have been effected and a complete liberal hegemony of the media would have ensured the liberals won.

Failing that they had to rely on the BBC - that tool of Toryism! Yes folks,I really did hear some Labour loser citing the unfair coverage the BBC gave them.I suppose with levels and depths of self delusion of that magnitude we can anticipate a decade at least to pass before the left  return to power.

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