Sunday, May 10, 2015

Soviet dog returns to its vomit

Celebrating the anniversary of Russia's heroic battle with the Nazis the country is clearly suffering from collective delusion syndrome.Don't mention the Nazi Soviet pact -I did it once but think I got away with it (and no I do not want any polonium in my tea thank you).

At least the BBC is swallowing the Putin soviet line referring in its bulletins covering the anniversary to ,wait for it: 'soviet citizens'. Can you imagine the bloshevic broadcasting corporation referring similarly to the 'Nazi citizens'?!

Of course as the modern kleptocratic neo nazi Russia state run by Putin the ex soviet KGB goon lurches towards full blown totalitarian status it is worth reflecting on the numbers of its own people who ended up in the gulags far exceeding as they did those slaughtered by the Nazis.No wonder he seeks to glorify one of the bloodiest tyrannical periods in Russia's history.

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