Thursday, May 07, 2015

Ukip Sunny Uplands

Just as it was wrong for the UK to have a referendum on joining what was then called the common market in 1975 as no country has the right to put the liberty of its people to a vote it would equally be wrong to have a referendum on whether to continue remaining a member of that illiberal supra national body which because of its collectivist underpinnings precludes any possibility of protecting individual rights.

It is therfor extraordinary that Ukip have in recent times come out in favour of a referendum on the continuation or otherwise of Britain's membership of the EU.Going from a principle opposition to UK EU membership to saying let the mob decide is a fall from grace indeed.Still,Ukip are a million miles better than all the alternatives and I urge my few readers to go out and give the political establishment a hard kick in the ballots.

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