Saturday, May 02, 2015

Vox Populi Scam

Have you noticed how the putative vox populi put forward by the media to hold forth for minute or two all seem to be droning from the same liberal hymn sheet ?A very selective vox populi indeed with the same depressing unthinking dull pro establishment views.These dullards are about as independent thinking as a BBC audience.

So we can put the vox populi with the rigged dodgy polls with their flawed methodlogy as a joint conspiracy designed to demoralise the public with a sense of futility and helplessness -in this case with the absurd message that nothing can stop the SNP taking over the world when it could not even win an independence vote in the recent referendum -and which result as I  pointed out just recently those brilliant predictors of the future the pollsters got so abysmally wrong.

And how on earth can the opinion polls be predicting a hung parliament when it now emerges that almost half the electorate have not even made up their minds yet?!

The sinister name of the game is to skew the polls to the desired end of a liberal victory and make people think it is inevitable,what do they know,if the majority are voting for that particular party they must know something they themselves do not so they will vote that way too.Such dodgy polling is nothing short of  scandalous voter manipulation.

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