Sunday, May 10, 2015

The strange non death of liberal England

It is a salient characteristic of post war British politics that the electorate alternate between Labour and Conservative rather like a drunk forswearing alcohol and then falling off the wagon periodically.Labour bankrupt the country,the tories come in and clear up the mess and elctorate promptly go to back to profligacy and vote in Labour once more.This pattern as depressing as it is predictable has never really been properly analysed re its cause andn until it has been we can anticipate a continuation of such wild swings indefinitely.

Thus we can say with a fair degree of accuracy that it will not be long before the electorate once again returns to its Labour vomit and I believe the explanation for this is very simple and it is this.The philosophical moral underpinnings of Labour have never been challenged and no alternative moral system posited.The Conservatives simply say Labour are economically illiterate and they can run the system more efficiently,balance the books.They totally ignore the moral philosophicl sphere and openly boast of being anti ideological.Thus the field of morality and ideas is abandoned to the Left for them to claim the high ground.

After a while of economic stability and growth facilitated by a more market friendly Conservative approach (although far from pure capitalism) people start to feel guilty about their prosperity and success as they have been taught the morality of altruism and self sacrifice,that self interest is wrong and so they go back to a Labour government who promptly bankrupt the country with their socialist welfare programmes: 'there is no money left' as one Labour aparatchick baldly admitted at the end of Labour's last administration.

So the public are given an invidious though totally fallacious choice: be successful and prosperous but guilty as hell or be economically poor but feel morally good.This explains why the electorate having voted in the Conservatives yet again apparently still dislike the party according to Matthew Parris and its brand is still toxic ie the 'nasty party' tag.So we can expect this self loathing guilt tripping electorate to return to morality ha ha and vote Labour in again in the not too distant future.

We can see how the liberal Dracula is never slain - liberalism is dead but it won't lie down.Not until that is, a stake is driven right thru its rotten black heart.The weapon required however is not wooden and pointed but rather a moral argument,a philosophical ideological defense of capitalism.Nothing less will do.

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