Monday, May 11, 2015

The Scottish Solution

The approach by the new conservative government towards Scotland should be this.Abolish the Barnet formula,close down the Scottish parliament and ban any future referendums on independence.No rump within a country has the right to referendum a secession becuase it wants to form a socialist state in its place as this would impact on people in the rest of the country and take away the freedom of those who do not want to be enslaved by socialism.

The only grounds for secession is if the existing country is socialist and the people residing in it wish understandably to free themselves from that oppression and form an independent country based on the prinicples of liberty,individual rights and a small delimited state.

This is why the 1975 referendum  on British membership to what was then deliberately misleadingly called the common market was illegitimate because no country can vote away its sovereignity and liberty to an external supra power  thus violating the individual rights of its citizens.You cannot vote to enslave your neighbour.

It is clear that Scottish devolution was a halfway house to independence ,creating a defacto state within a state with all the trappings of a country -a parliament,legislative powers,separate polity etc and the inevitable result be a staging post to independence which is exactly what has happened.Offering to throw more powers to Scotland as Cameron has promised is merely to compound the folly.

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