Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fart for the day

Try listening to radio 4's Today programme at ten to 8 in the morning  and not hear some cleric saying his little prayer to collectivism and talking pejoratively about the individual.This is such a norm and staple of all Thought for the days that it is hard not to conclude that the collectivist meme is the most  defining characteristic of all religions as all denominations are now given airtime at the politically correct BBC.

If there is a conservative take on religion it is certainly not represented on Thought for the day and maybe it is just leftist clerics using their religion to smuggle in political messages but I rather think there is not much difference between conservative religion and socialist variety as the essence of all religions is of course altruism,sacrifice,non selfish relationships ad nauseam.The individual must defer to the collective which in a way is the essence of mysticism -the negation of the self and the melding into a collective conciousness.

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