Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I go,I come back

Ok the way it was handled was a bit clumsy but the most important thing is - he's back!Ukip not only need Nigel Farage in what is their most important hour with the imminent negotiations over EU membership but at the risk of sounding grand the country does too.Cometh the hour cometh back the man.

Cameron is not called Mr Slippery lightly and he will go off to Brussels cap in hand,be given a few morsels by way of concessions by the eurocrats and come back home presenting it as a banquet of concessions and then urge a yes vote.He has past form and to use the cain expression once more, 'characteristics are reliable'.

It will need a Farage to cut through the evasions,obfuscations,double talk,double dealing sophistry,propaganda that we can expect from the europhiles and no one can do that more effectively than him.Welcome back to the fray!

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