Thursday, May 14, 2015

English Devolution

Its a seductive idea,localism.letting power be devolved to regional areas,giving them policy and tax raising powers but what it effectively means is whole new layers of government and bureaucracy,the creation of mini soviets,a sinuous concentric Maoist incursion of the state into every nook and cranny of citizen's lives.Powerhouse indeed but the power will reside with the state compounding its monstrous reach to regions hitherto untouched.

The introduction of these  politicised statelets on regional levels are a cynical  refashioning and entrenching of statism,a makeover to counter the growing skepticism amongst the public of the state and its ever devouring maw as it sucks the money and life out of its populace.A distant tyrannical state is infinitely preferable to one on your doorstep which is what Trojan horse like is being proposed in this much trumpeted English devolution plan.The Devil is in the devolution.

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