Friday, May 15, 2015

How to achieve world peace

There are two roadblocks to world peace and they are faith and force. I will deal with force first although they often go together.If the world is to advance to true civilization what is required is the introduction of the principle of non coercion in human affairs ie force.I should clarify and quality  this by stressing the non initiation of force  because if someone is coming towards you with a knif you have every right to use whatever force is required to repel that person up to and including taking their life if necessary.No,I am talking about the absence of coercion in human interaction meaning no one shall be permitted to initiate force against another and that is to include the State initiating force against an individual or any group of individuals and this would include taxation which is the use of force by the state against people en masse.

Faith is the second cause of absence of peace because it is irrational and people who practice it have the tendency to start wars and use force against others who do not share their irrational beliefs.A world without faith and religion would be half way towards civilization.For evidence of this I cite the menace of Islam around the globe in our present time. Christianity was equally barbaric until it was defanged by the reformation.

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