Tuesday, May 12, 2015

BBC and the least we should expect

Scrapping the TV licence is never going to happen but with the battle of Britain re the EU about to commence the BBC should be forced to shed all its political broadcasts and programmes because as the recent events of the Scottish referendum and the general election have amply demonstrated the corporation cannot be trusted to present an even handed,balanced,unbiased non tendentious  non rabid pro liberal gloss to its output.

Some will rightly point out that so left leaning is the BBC,so entrenched is the liberal bias that it even manages to turn the Archers into an anti tory drama and they will further point out the left wing comedians who dominate the field and whilst this is true that will be a battle for another day.Right now it is its political programming that must be excised if the beeb wants to keep the licence.That should be the red line.

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