Thursday, May 14, 2015

Black Spider Prince

So now the extent of his monarchist meddling is laid bare or at least a portion of it as Charles's redacted letters are published thanks to the Guardian's tireless pursuit thru the courts  to secure their release.It is hardly surprising that the palace should have done everything in its not inconsiderable power to prevent these damning missives being released as they reveal the sheer extent to which Charles has involved himself in the offices of State down to minutae detail bordering on the OCD and clearly overstepping the carefully delineated parameters of royal involvement and patronage.

For years we have been told of the nugatory ornamental role of the monarchy,its sharply transparently delimited influence and its innocuous role in the scheme of things and now we find Charles has been insinuating himself in state affairs in a wholly innapropriate way,assiduously weaving his black spidery web of intervention in pursuit of who knows what ideological end.

The nature of his concerns or hobby horses are of little import,whether it be badger culling or the invasive  commerce inhibiting EU directives on homeopathic herbal vitamins -both of which positions are laudable and would get some public sympathy,it is rather that he is seemingly incapable of recognising that he has over leapt the boundaries of royal prerogative and sunk to the woeful level of a lobbyist seeking to further his divers causes.

Clearly a frustrated man with way too much time on his hands and effectively waiting for his mother to die if Charles is really concerned woith the plight of limited state resources he might reflect that the monarchy is sitting on over 7£billion tax payers money which if the institution was abolished as the archaic morribund feudal throwback that it is,it would go a considerable way to drawing down the national debt.

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