Monday, May 25, 2015


John Prescott.Just the name makes you laugh.But when he opens his mouth its beyond hillarious.Now John has a problem with Aspiration as he explained to Jim Naughtie this morning.He can't understand it.Getaway.Its a pesky little thing aint it John? It kind of gets in the way of the Labour agenda to render everyone helpless,without ambition -Aspiration.Away with it! No time for it at all.

Now why did Labour lose? John has some thoughts on that too.It wasn't left wing enough.There we are then,mystery solved.It was that darned soft rightist Milliband what did for Labour.They should have trumpeted the NHS more.Moral and intellectual bankruptcy -does not Mr Prescott expose the Labour problem right there? A clapped out moribund party still promoting the politics of envy and hate,doomed hopefully to never be in power again.(until the next time,as I have explained in a previous post).

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