Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hold the front page! Bank of England wants UK to remain within EU

There are some things in life that are just not surprising.Like for instance the meat industry doing a survey on whether vegetarianism is good for you and finding that it is not.Or government paid 'scientists' researching global warming discovering that yes it is happening and something must be done about it.

Another non surprising thing is the Bank of England's leaked memo to that stalwart of free market capitalism the Guardian revealing that it is worried what will happen to the British economy if it leaves the EU.The BBC naturally jumped on this story this morning with Jim Naughtie almost wetting himself with glee but then we already know what the BBC line on the upcoming referendum is do we not: if we leave there will be an economic Armageddon.

The Bank of England is a tool of the state that actually dictates the political direction of the economy.Of course a tool of the state is going to be in favour of the UK remaining within the EU, a supra statist construct.

The only question remaining is will the tories do anything about the BBC in the Queen's speech.Ha ha ha (etc etc.)

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