Thursday, April 26, 2018

'What's the Meaning of Life?'

When people want to appear deep they ask the pseudo profound question 'what's the meaning of life?' the implicit assumption being  that the meaning is out there somewhere,outside of the individual, external and separate from him or her and it has to be searched for and when found internally absorbed.  Furthermore that meaning is from a different supernatural dimension and one has  to divine its will and obediently act out its decrees and that is the meaning of life.

The true meaning of life could not be more opposite than that in that it lies within the individual to determine by his own actions,his chosen trajectory though life in the form of a career,a long term plan and purpose, man being of a self made soul and life,reduced if you will to the rather shop worn cliche and common vernacular, 'life is what you make it'.

Part of that meaning lies in the forming of relationships,aesthetic pursuits etc. Man is tabula rasa at birth and he proceeds to write the story of his life therafter,creating in effect his own actualised self created universe that gives form shape and meaning to his life.

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