Sunday, April 29, 2018

Icke the Gift that keeps on Giving

Having watched a few of his excruciatingly tedious videos lately a few last comments on the absurd character Mr Icke. The sheer banality of his political views,the standard left wing conspiracy theories trotted out with their clunking predictability peppered with hackneyed phrases and words such as regime change,weapons of mass destruction lies,neocons, yada yada ad nauseam but most telling of all the recurring word in most of the recordings watched so far: Perception.

The hapless Joe Public is forever having his 'perceptions' monkeyed with and that word is appropriate because as Mr Icke  thinks humans being live on a soley perceptual level of conciousness they are reduced therfor to nothing but animals in some Pavlovian game beyond their ken.The conceptual level of conciousness is clearly completely beyond Icke's grasp and we are all just brainless dolts subject to flickering images on a screen who cannot think objectively beyond the cognitive level of a 2rd old who has yet to form his first concept.

What else is left to such a tribalistic perceptual conciousness than the utterance of New Age mystical burblings from the beyond.

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