Friday, April 27, 2018

Icke's Nut bush City Limits

So we have a bit of intellectual slumming on  today's post but sometimes its just too hard to resist. In a current podcast the redoubtable Mr Icke is explaining to the great unwashed unenlightened (that's us folks) that the housing shortage is caused by (this bit's true) the governement but it is the valorous Icke who is going to 'join the dots' for us and 'put it in context' and he shows an extract from a 10 hour talk would you believe -(right up there with Castro Guiness book of record stuff) in which he explains that successive governments have made it impossible for young and no old alike to be homeowners and have driven them into the city so they can be (roll of drums) more easily kept under surveillance with cameras watching and recording their every move 1984 Brave New World style -you get the picture.

It wouldn't have anything to do with government's  decades long environmentalist drive,  planning restrictions to prevent  building,the creation of the infamous Green Belt, or its pernicious socialist 1946 Town and Planning Act and its successive incarnations,regulations,taxes, market distorting socialised housing programmes or that simply people come to towns because that's where the jobs are as we are no longer thankfully, a rural economy. All of that context so beloved of Icke is completely omitted so everything can be squeezed down the idee fixee funnel of his feverish mind to arrive at the predetermined destination of: another conspiracy.

I get the feeling that Mr Icke is a bit of a lefty under all his obscurantist circumlocutions so perhaps he should appreciate that a government which openly declared 70 years ago that it was going to take care of its subjects 'from the cradle to grave' needs to have them under constant surveillance so perhaps he should repudiate the socialist ideology behind Big Brother Statism of which the surveillance State is  a logical and inevitable manifestation.

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