Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BBC and the Monarchy

At first glance one would expect the BBC to be antagonistic or at least skeptical towards  the British monarchy being as the former is - despite its routine  and vehement protestations - broadly, comprehensively and consistently leftish in its preoccupations. But when  examined it is obvious why the BBC should be so uncritical and supine towards the anachronistic moribund and corrupt monarchy -they have these very things in common after all.

Monarchy is a gun pointed at the heads of the British people -they are forced to finance it on pain of inprisonment if they refuse and so too is the BBC financially sustained -don't pay your licence you go to jail. Both institutions rely on the threat of  State force and coercion to maintain their existence hence the BBC's superficially anomalous indulgence towards this fossilized monstrosity and throwback to another epoch.

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