Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How is David Icke a Thing?

Judging by the stadium venues Icke can command he certainly has a sizeable and loyal following and I think it would be instructive to explore why that is and what the Ickean phenomena says about our culture and the state of public thinking today - or possibly the lack therof.

If the general public were treated to a rigorous training in basic logic and reason and taught how to think rather than what to think such bizarre characters, mountebanks and out and out charlatans such as David Icke would never see the light of day and would have to conduct their public talks inside a telephone box which ironically enough is preisely how it was when he started out on his career of weird.Then something happened and he was filling ;arge stadia.

It would be equally instructive to work out why the cultural madness we are witnessing in the last few years with universities losing the plot completely and instead of being places of learning and enquiry  becoming hotbeds of neo Maoist cultural revolution where intolerance and censorship are the default positions with the active connivance of lecturers and administration alike -why this has happened now or maybe it was in a long period of incubation and has now burst forth in all its horrific toxic excrescence. A country rots from the head down and it is a long time in the gestation.

A basic grasp of logic as I say would send Icke packing along with the rest of the new age fraudsters and conspiracy theorists if they can be dignified by that word.

A simple example will suffice. In a recent youtube podcast Icke opines that he has become the victim of a smear campaign regarding his putative anti semitism.The fact that his idee fixee appears to be the malign global influence of Zionism,secret bankers and the Rothschilds and how Israel is practically behind every ill in the world he conveniently disengenuously ommits to mention.

How does he deal with such accusations? It goes something like this. As human beings we are made up of atoms and mere flecks of dust so it follows that black and white, semite and ergo antisemite cannot possibly exist because human beings do not exist,skin colour does not exist -indeed individuals do not exist as single entities but are all part of the collective conciousness 'with different experiences'.

If this is so David Icke does not exist and nor does his pet hates such as Zionism either because if concretes and percepts like human skin does not exist then their subsequent conceptual constructs eg race and Zionsim cannot either since they are dependent as concepts on their antecedent derivatives,concretes which according to him do not exist.Ergo he is a walking talking contradiction.


niconoclast said...

Note the word 'independence' here - not 'privatised'. It is key. Governments invariably refer to bodies they control 'at arm's length' as 'independent' in order to conceal their Lack of independence , it is an illusion, a deliberate sleight of hand - as witness the fact that the State appoints governors, they have to write a letter to the chancellor effectively explaining why they messed up their homework, why they have screwed up - which perforce they must do very regularly as they cannot ever get things right -that is the nature of a central bank. The governor is usually a civil servant tho this time he is a clueless Canadian who can clearly rival any civil servant in that dept. Independence is not something that can be granted from on high by the State -you either have it or you do not. If I told you I was 'granting' you independence and in addition you need to write me a letter every time you screw something up you would probably and deservedly tell me where to go lol.

niconoclast said...

ou should tell your Remoana colleagues and their counterparts in the House of Lards that if they continue to defy the will of the electorate in what was the largest voter turnout in British electoral history they are in danger of creating and duplicating the kind of monsters here in the UK that are now running Italy ,making scary inroads in Germany, governing Hungary ,snapping at the heels of the French polity not to mention Slovenia,Poland ad nauseam.

But maybe they are too hell bent, ideologically possessed as Mr Jordan Peterson would put it and take the Soubry line of Give me Brussels or give me death? Have a word in their ear anyway for pity’s sake lol.

niconoclast said...

Far be it for me to play the role of the boy challenging the King’s deficiency in the sartorial dept lol but exactly Why is the State making decisions about what should be the sole preserve of the free market re Heathrow? Darn, its that Mixed Economy thing again and sure explains why the Heath row is the longest running political soap in history.