Monday, April 30, 2018

Daily Mail, End of the Affair

Either I have lurched to the right in recent times or the Mail has lurched to the Left but I find it too much to stomach these days. It's as if it was invaded in the night, all the journalists tied up in the basement and replaced by rabid leftists possessed by pathologically politically correct tendencies.

Hardly a week goes by without the Mail launching a crazed zealous eco driven campaign against some product whether it be plastics bags or posturing indignantly against the latest business takeover bid spearheaded by the economics editor Alex Brummer whose narrow,parochial,chauvinistic economic nationalism and hysteria against foreign companies stealing our economic heritage would not be out of place in the Guardian or Mirror.

When it is not riding these leftist hobby horses it is railing against businesses for not paying enough taxes or campaigning for more taxes on sugar and unhealthy food products like the worst sort of bbc- type  nudging,  nannying, statist do-gooder. And don't even get me started on its nauseating,  fawning unquestioning, servile,  forelock-tugging, sycophancy towards the Monarchy..

Enough already, my near lifelong association with the Mail is at an end or at least until it clears out the Augean stables and pumps some invigorating pro capitalist free market blood into its tired veins.

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