Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to Build a Nuclear Arsenal -(and get away with it)

1. Build a nuclear weapon whilst teing the world you are not building a nuclear weapon

2. Starve your people,turn them into slaves to fund the building of a nuclear weapon

3.Sanctions imposed by foreign countries designed to stop you contribute to mass starvation but you carry on building  your nuclear weapon

4. Dummy trial test your weapons by hurling them hither and thither to intimidate all opponents near and far

5.After years of faux dialogue and faux negotiations with naieve liberal and duped negotiators in the West designed expressly to buy you time to conclude building your nuclear weapon which you have now successfully built  you enter into  negotiations for foreign aid in return for not using your nuclear weapons.

6.Restablish good relations with your immediate neighbour to peel it off from its relations with the West which neighbour will serve as a buffer zone and human shield should the West be foolish enough to attempt a nuclear attack on your country.

 7.The American President hails the negotiations as a huge success and an illustration of the moral superiority and strength of the West.

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