Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Meet the New Party.....Same as the Old Parties

The old corrupt political elite are planing to re brand themselves in a new party,a Blair switch project which as I predicted would be the old statism dressed in new garb of centrism. The centre of what exactly? A mad leftist demagogue and a soft socialist tory surprise surprise. False positioning which will fool absolutely nobody.

But hey ho anything that threatens to destroy the Labour party is fine by me as lots of New Labour outcasts will no doubt join the new party and the slavish europhiles like Ken Clark, Heseltine and their lesser satellites,although why would they need to when they run the tory party anyway headed as it is by a Remainer who even to this day cannot bring herself to say how she would vote were a theoretical 2nd referendum take place(we know,Thersa,we know). and 70% of the cabinet are equally treasonous Remainers.

Still it was quite refreshing to hear Blair on r4 Today - in comparison to the mad Marxist who no heads up the party. But this new incarnation of the old will be of course pro Remain and will probably campaign for a 2nd referendum, a transparent Trojan horse that will fall at the first hurdle as all third parties do under the present electoral dispensation.

The Establishment is in desperate need of a makeover, but like a seasoned  raddled whore with a facelift the result will only be an embarrassment to participants and spectators alike -albeit amusing enough I suppose.

Blair made the now common oft repeated and quite absurd  critique of the tory party that it is run and dominated by mad Reese Mogian Leavers. Ah if only....

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