Saturday, April 28, 2018

Should the UK ban RT?

I am of course a libertarian who believes in a free market of the airwaves but in times of conflict when acts of aggression have been committed by a foreign power in this case Russia with its chemical attack in Salisbury it would surely be appropriate for the Sovietised Kremlin State broadcaster RT to be given its marching orders.

The station spews out an unbroken vomit of disinformation,distorions and  anti Western,virulently anti Israel propaganda  claiming the Salisbury attack was fictional and it uses stooges and lickspittles like George Galloway and Mad Max Keiser to push its anti freedom agendas.

Until  relationsare normalised between the UK and Russia which seems hard to imagine happening any time soon as the sick bear has gone back to its Soviet vomit then it seems reasonable to take this course of action particularly as scores of Soviet like diplomat/spies have been expelled and to allow RT to propagate its falsehoods unchecked seems inconsistent at best and cowardly at worst.

Of course the UK would be on more consistent ground if it dealt with its own State broadcaster which churns out endless pro Brussels,pro monarchy,pro Left propaganda -the BBC but Rome was not sacked in a day.

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