Saturday, April 28, 2018

How the West was Won -and Lost?

For centuries religion and un reason ruled,millions were enslaved and died. Then advocates of reason came along,religion was vanquished,science emerged,freedom,prosperity,the enlightenment,reason,the industrial revolution.But not everyone was happy not least some intellectuals the most prominent of whom was the 18th century philosopher Kant who sought to unseat reason from its throne and replace it with discredited faith on the grounds that objective reality is unknowable,reason is flawed ergo embrace faith.

Kant was largely ignored and reason won out but the intellectuals feeling as bereft as the priest class centuries before as their power was taken from them mounted a defence of unreason with the likes of Hegel,Fichte,Schopenhauer,Heidegger -all of the suspects Germans and after over over a century of incubation these toxic views found their unltimate expression in the horrors of the totalitarian nightmares of the 20 th century.

After the hideous outcrop of such irrational intellectual philosophies in the form of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia most of the intellectuals of the Left and Right had to throw in the towel and admit defeat but a hard core rump doubled down on failure and began the Postmodernist Movement started by Kant and Nietzche,denying objective reality,reducing meaning to deconstructing language such as the French intellectuals Derrida and Foucalt,denying reason or meaning, but it could not escape notice that the anti ideologues of this movement all had left wing beliefs which led some to think that Postmodernism was nothing but a figleaf for the collectivist to make yet another assault on the institutions of learning as to bring about their not so hidden statist socialist agendas by other indirect means.

Fast forward 40 years and it could be argued that the Postmodernist movement has found it full expression and fruition in the excrescenes of such pathological manifestations in our universities  as no platforming,gender studies,trigger warnings,micro aggression,censorship and the use of intimidation force and violence to prevent  speakers expressing views contrary to the left statist Marxist feminist orthodoxy.

Where will this battle end -who will prevail? Nostradamuses can apply here...

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