Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Legend Comes to Whitstable

It was good to see Nigel Farage turn up to Whitstable harbour to support the beleaguered fishermen in their heroic protest against the dark forces of Brussels, their tory cohorts and their cobbled together treasonous transitional sell out.

The usual suspects turned up to protest and rain on the fishermen's parade but they were outgunned and out shouted by the amazing Whitstable crowd and even the vile Julie Wassemer with her megaphone could not drown them out. The latter rentamob of leftist fascists were actually hosed down by a fisherman from his boat to the amusement and applause of the crowd of loyal Brexiters.

Then the coup de grace was the highly symbolic ritualistic burning of the fisherman's boat festtoned with Brussels flags that burned beautifully in the pre twilight evening.Joy was it to be alive...

It was even more delightful to run into the 80's comedian Mark Arden now a local Whitstablean, an otherwise delightful chap in peevish mood it must be said who tried to deny that Farage was a charismatic figure as I put it to him in what I thought was a non confrontational way -knowing full well his Remainer disposition. But he was in no mood to agree even on the bleeding obvious insisting that Farage was a cynical opportunist and  went off muttering to himself.

There were some heated exchanges amongst the interlocutors,highly emotionally charged and the odd scuffle but by and large the event was conducted in good spirits all round.

Henry Bolton the ex Ukip leader who even the party has forgotten already was in the crowd with his 25yr old bit of fluff - who brought him down,an odd couple indeed but such is his characterless non descript appearance he went largely unoticed by the crowd and they cut solitary figures he no doubt reflecting ruefully on his lost 15 minutes of fame as he observed Farage on the fishing boat wallowing in his well deserved attention fame and glory the cynosure of the press and the crowd alike.

Yes the flotilla of hooting honking fishing boats with their loud pink trail of flares thrown up into the evening sky were largely engaged in a futile gesture of impotence and rage, the event heavy on symbolism light on political significance but sometimes such things are needed,a cry of defiance against the tin pot tyrants who would subject them to humiliation and oppression but it is of such symbolism that revolutions are sometimes made.

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