Friday, April 06, 2018

Alt Left Statism or Alt Right Statism?

Labour statism or Tory statism? The hung parliament tells its own story: there is no essential difference between the parties. The real political spectrum would be Tory and Labour statism v capitalism but as there is no party representing capitalism we are in effectively a one party state.

The standard Objectivist line has always been its too early in the culture for Objectivism but looking at the political and cultural landscape it would be more accurate to say its too late for Objectivism, game over.

Someone once said a communist is a socialist in a hurry. It is also undoubtedly true that a socialist is a Christian in a hurry. Without Christianity there would never have been a socialist and communist movement. Many Christians abandoned the faith and switched to socialism but the core socialist values of altruism and self sacrifice were lifted directly from Christianity so much so that they even framed their socialist programmes in religious terms referring to the welfare state as the New Jerusalem.

So a capitalist party would have to be prepared to jettison the whole Western Christian ethic- tradition of altruism and self sacrifice which strangely enough should not be that difficult as most people in the UK abandoned their religious faith generations ago but they have retained its altruist essence in their political outlook and it is this deep profoundly embedded,cellular,psychological visceral secular christian ethic that the statists from both Left and Right and right play on so skillfully so that whatever party rules the statist song remains the same and the creeping authoritarianism proceeds apace.

Those wishing to fight  socialism have to understand that they are not fighting a 2oo year old ideology but a 2ooo year old ideology of Christian altruism and will have to go right into the beast's lair to root it out.

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