Thursday, April 26, 2018

NHS Needs More Money!

The socialist soap opera that is the NHS is sticking to the tired script -it's on the brink of collapse and needs more infusions of tax blood from the British subjects yada yada yada. As its failures become more glaring and intractable the politicians do what they always do namely double down like crack machine addicts and demand yet more taxes to feed the NHS habbit.

We have pet insurance,house insurance,car insurance and every other  insurance all working perfectly well -except health insurance as the NHS being a socialist shibboleth has to operate outside the laws of commonsense and economics because it is an ideological project in age when ironically we are constantly told that ideology is dead and should be avoided like the plague.All ideologies are equal apparently but some ideologies are more equal than others.

Imagine if you had to share your pet insurance with your neighbour and you had a chiahouha and he had a great dane -take it from there - or your house insurance when you had a tiny bungalow and your nieghbour a multi million pound mansion, ditto, or life insurance when you are fit and healthy and your neighbour is dying of cancer, ditto. That ladies and gentlemen is the crackerbarrel logic of the NHS -welcome to the Alice in Wonderland Socialist Project of Healthcare. You need look no further for the cause as to why it it is in a permanent state of crisis and collapse.

Still the politicians just today have announced yet another 5 year Plan or in this case a 12 year one and guess what they have come up with: they need £50 billion more and it has to come through the tax system! A cross party research group has arrived at this amazing conclusion and is expecting a consensus among the major political parties (see my recent post on the consensus tyranny and the collusive racket of One party politics).

The NHS is sick but the ideology behind it is the sickest of all -socialism and altruism and people are dying in the tens of thousands on its ideological altar and all roads lead to Venezuela.

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