Saturday, April 28, 2018

The State is a Gun

Never mind outright tyrannies like North Korea though -that evil is obvious, let us turn our attention to the free liberal West for a moment. The State is a gun,it represents force and coercion. Behind the soft outward trappings of benign democracy is the gun,is force,is coercion.

No one pays their taxes voluntarily,they are taken by force,without consent with the State acting as the criminal demanding money with menaces. Against everyday common garden criminals there is legal recourse but against the State in its perverted existing criminal manifestation and form man is powerless. Democracy is a smiling face with a gun.A ballot box in one hand and an armalite in the other,such is democracy.

How have we been persuaded that it is other than this,how have we been so easily gulled and hoodwinked? Surely our old friend or adversary religion and specifically the ideology behind it altruism has done its work brilliantly.

'You didn't build that,its not yours,society did it,your selfish,give something back,share,we are all equal,redistribute,egalitarianism,welfare,fairness,tax!

2000 years of altruism has forged the chains man lives in,centuries of lies and distortions,corruptions of logic and reason and here we are manacled man,disarmed obsequious to the State,repeating its propaganda that freedom consists in slavery and individual rights must bow to collective rights and anything to the contrary is hate speech,thought crime to be eliminated by the self or failing that the State.

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