Sunday, March 01, 2015

Democracy is tyranny!

Democracy: The bludgeoning of the people,by the people,for the people.(Oscar Wilde.) Taxation which   oils the wheels of democracy is extortion with menaces and those who resist lose their liberty and are thrown in jail.This state terrorism - for such it - is  is not only tolerated by the befuddled masses but actually deemed by them a system of the highest moral repute and to seek to evade or avoid the attentions of the state tax machine is to find oneself on the level of the most abject moral delinquency along with child molestors.

Or such is what appearances may suggest but in reality of course the only people who pay taxes are those who cannot avoid or evade them as their income is taxed at source via their employers.Everyone else will resist the attentions of the rapacious state tax system with all the ingenuity they can muster or hire in the form of highly skilled accountants.

So why not come out and say it,admit that taxation is theft and that democracy is a criminal racket.The morality of altruism with roots in religion silences our natural protest,paralyses all resistance and renders us dumb and compliant.

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