Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fallacy explosion

One of the most misleading nay mendacious expressions of the left is 'giving something back' as in reference to some businessman who does charity work which by such inverted logic amounts to expiation of sins - the sin  of course that of being a successful businessman.The implication of the expression is that something was taken by the businessman and he now has to give something back.But what has been taken?

A successful business employs many people who would otherwise not be employed in that position,it provides a service that people want and for that the business enjoys a profit -a win - win situation.No one has lost,nothing was taken and no consequent reparation is required to anyone.Only the acceptance of unearned guilt would prompt any businessman to assert that he was doing charity work to give something back,like some common criminal compensating his  victims via community service.

It would be good to hear this toxic canard and pernicious peice of leftist sophistry challenged once in a while but the only people around to do that are the Conservatives and they of course alas  share the same altruist premises as the left and remain shamefully guiltily and therfor collusively silent on the matter.

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