Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pergida anti death cult rally

Opposition to the forces of darkness in the shape of unreformed Islam will rally in Newcastle today and one hopes the Pergida movement will grow exponentially over time to counter the cancerous growth of political Islam masquerading as a peaceful religion.

The evil excrescence of sharia law is anti civilization and anything Pergida can do to draw attention to this totalitarian fascist chauvinist racist nihilistic death cult of Islam will be a salutary welcome  antidote to all the pro Islamic propaganda spewed out by the mainstream media,  Islam's useful idiots and lick spittle.

Allowing the UK to be the incubus of a violent anti democratic totalitarian political jihad via the massive building of mosques in its towns and cities will be seen as the most calamitous error and self immolating act in Britain's recent history.The Powellian words echo back across the years to haunt and rebuke with prescient force and resonance: we were busily heaping up our own funeral pyre.

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