Friday, March 20, 2015

What Ukip should be saying but isn't

Ukip does come in for a lot of negative media scrutiny which is an indication of its success in rattling the establishment but also undoubtedly a lot of the controversy around its candidates is due to the fact that as an anti establishment party it does by its very nature tend to attract individualistic mavericks who tend not to be on message in the controlled and cynical way the main parties are.So far so good but there are some important aspects surrounding the emergence of this political phenomena where I think in its policies Ukip is in serious need of radical rethinking.

Some of Ukip analysis is just plain wrong, take for example immigration.It claims there have to be caps because otherwise the public services will come under intolerable and unsustainable strain.Note it does not say with the large influx of immigration the shops,cafes,restaurants will not be able to cope with the additional customers.It is only in the public service that the problem will arise such as schools and hospitals.The logical step would be to remove the latter from the state ministration and allow them to operate in the market where innovation and money would flow and there would be more than enough schools and hospitals offering their services for all who wished to use them.

Rationing only exists in the public sector.If shops and restaurants were run by the state we would not have enough of them to service the immigrants and they would be complaining  about how their resources were being drained by immigrants.

So instead of saying we will free the public sector from its privations by turning it over to the free market Ukip seeks to solve the statist caused problem of finite public resources by another statist measure of closing the country's borders!

There are indications that within the Ukip ethos there is a fairly strong libertarian strain and maybe overtime this will become more dominant and the unfortunate more statist element as illustrated above will diminish.

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