Thursday, March 19, 2015

Minimum Wage: Most evil of all Government legislation?

The contender for the worst piece of government legislation in recent times has to be the introduction of the minimum wage.If Ukip care as they profess to do about the plight of the unemployed indegenous population they would pledge to scrap this wicked evil legislation forthright.This pernicious law has deprived millions of young people and others of ever getting a foot on the employment ladder and condemned them to a wasted life of idleness and moral depradation.

The next time you hear the left or anyone else crying crocodile tears over the unemployed or indeed of people languishing on unpaid internships and zero hours contracts bear in mind that none of these things existed or were even a twinkle in the eyes of any employers until the introduction of the oppressive job destroying minimum wage.Unable to hire people on below minimum wage they were forced to hire them for nothing! Or on time limited contracts to preserve their profits through flexibility which via a market level wage rather than an artificially legislated one of the minimum wage they would have been more able to do.

And spare a thought as well all you bleeding heart liberals who are prepared to sacrifice the welfare and lives of millions of young people on the altar of your collectivist creed that existing employees are suffering directly from the minimum wage  as well.Staff shortages: I hear from young people working in a very well known retail store that they are effectively being forced to do the work of 3 people as less people are being hired because of the above market priced minimum wage.

And lastly but perhaps most importantly there is the issue of individual rights and how the minimum wage wipes them out with one legislative pen stroke.If a young ambitious person wants to work for 4 50 and hour as opposed to nothing via internship   why the hell should some bureaucratic political nonentiy living parasitically off the taxpayers deprive them of their right to so negotiate with any prospective employer  to their mutual advantage?What successful millionaire entrepreneur did not start off at the bottom working on low wages and then rising through the ranks on their excellence and talent?

The minimum wage stands like a dark menacing oppressive Berlin Wall blighting the aspiration of millions and locking them in to a  despairing life of misery and hoplessness and represents the ultimate indictment of statism and its cruel and anti life collectivist premise.

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