Monday, March 02, 2015

change is gonna come

There will emerge in the next few years a political movement that will challenge all the statist shiboleths of the age and which will revolutionize the way people view the state and its monstrous reach,re shaping the maps of reality along the way and exploding all the misbegotten collectivist ethics.

The ground has been set by the disillusionment of the masses with the polity,the doors are open and the way clear.Never was a time more ripe for revolution!The ramparts of democracy are cracked and rotting,the stench of corruption overpowers the nostrils,the age of mediocrity is offensive to the meagerest of intelligences.Enough!Statism is exposed ,the powerful are about to be dethroned and the lie exposed.The language of deceit laid bare,truth and clarity will be the foe of unreason and tyranny and strip it of its bogus power and force!

Centuries of statism will finally make way for another age of enlightenment.

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