Friday, March 13, 2015

Farago of Faragisms

Farage is shaking up the liberal establishment and even if his messages can seem at times garbled  or not fully thought through there is always more than a kernel of truth contained within them.His latest foray into liberal baiting involving the suggestion that anti discriminisation laws on grounds of race should be scrapped is spot on.An employer should have the right to hire and fire on whim on the basis of a person's skin or eye colour if they so choose or for any other reason.It would be totally arbitrary and irrational but it would still be their right to so act.

The hysterical reaction by the left is of course predictable but the libertarian argument that Farage promotes is more sound and just than their collectivist policies which are illiberal and violate property rights at their core.

But Farage ruined his perfectly coherent stand by then saying employers should hire British only workers rather than foreign workers when he should have said employers should hire the best workers regardless of race or ethnicity,thus leaving him vulnerable to the charge he is chauvinistic and nationalistic. 

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