Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Employer strikes back

We all know of unions for employees and all their rights but where is the union of employers? No, I do not mean the socialist CBI or chamber of commerce and other pathetic toothless paper tigers but a real union for employers and the first piece of business for such would be to call a General Strike! Not as in  tools down but a Tax Strike.And assert the right to run your business how you see fit,to hire and fire ditto,to pay your workers what the market will stand not what some jobsworth government bureaucrat with socialist agendas thinks is a fair price in mythical egalitarian la la land.

For centuries the mediocre have asserted the right to strike and withdraw their labour and now its time for the movers and shakers to do likewise.Lets see who needs who the most.It will not take long to determine.The sleeping giant of business needs to awake and assert the right to its life for all our sakes.

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