Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ukip latest,So what?

Fiddling EU expenses is no big deal and is on a moral par with fiddling mafia expenses as the whole EU is one big criminal racket.So no Atkinson should not have been sacked for seeking in her words to repatriate some UK money.

My second piece of advice to Ukip following on from a previous post would be to forget trying to seal UK borders and having immigrant quotas to protect British jobs and approach it from the other end and take welfare away from the indigenous people so they would have to go out in the fields and work and do the immigrant jobs they grandly dismiss as being beneath them.

Immigrants are not stealing jobs from British workers,they are doing the jobs the latter will not do.In the absence of free money of welfare British people would have the option of working or starving.Problem solved. This would be a huge vote winner for Ukip and I urge them to adopt it forthwith.

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