Sunday, March 29, 2015

Religion and its Malcontents

The late great Christopher Hitchens once said that religion makes good people do bad things but I am wondering if he got that one right.Many jihadists started off their path in life as small time hoodlums and members of gangs,sexual abusers,drug takers involved in violent crime.So I am begining to think that religion allows bad people to do bad things.

These people are already psychopaths and converting to Islam merely allows them to act out their psychodramas on the world stage rather than in their local hood.What better justification and rational could any such delinquent thug have than that their criminal barbaric subhuman acts are directed  and sanctioned by God?

I have been critical of guru Roy Masters but on this one I think he was right on the money when he said that most people join religions not to deal with their anger and hate but to validate it.They actually join the religion to give their rage intellectual validation,to in effect sanctify their anger.For evidence I give you Islam in its current incarnation where anger seems to be the leitmotif alone.

In forever frothing at the mouth Islamists are only taking their cue from the prophet  - piss be upon him - who was let it be remembered an epileptic.Go figure.

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