Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gog and Demagog

Next time you hear someone extolling the virtues of democracy remind them that it produced Hitler and that we have George Galloway.Democacacy can let in demons sociopaths psychopaths and Nicola Splurgeon.Be warned.Electoral tyranny,mob rule thru the ballot box is what democracy is,that's its endgame.It is coming to a  town near you in May.In the general erection we will all be stiffed.

What is the defence against democracy but taking up of arms.No gentle persuasion is going to unseat the demagogues,fascists,communists,socialist,collectivists,nihilists, psychopaths sociopaths hiding under the name politician.Only brute force will drive them off.They think an electoral mandate gives them a licence to tyranise and they are right.

Yes,vote Ukip as they are the nearest thing to a freedom party right now but the road back from hell is long and tortuous and we have yet to take the first step.

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