Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Would you buy a second hand religion from this man?

If  Iwas touting some business scheme that postulated that there are hidden treasures in the ether that only have to be mined to bring great wealth and that if everybody just sends me a cheque I will share with them the access to this undreamt of wealth I would probably end up prosecuted and in jail.

But how is this any different from what all the religious organizations are doing other than the sheer scale of their operations that go into the billions.They tell their followers that they have a direct line to the creator of the cosmos and if  everyone sends them a cheque they will intercede for them and bring them great peace and prosperity.

They also use fear and warn their listeners that if they do not heed their word they could end up in  a very dark place for all eternity.Is there anything more wicked and evil than this I ask you gentle readers.

This is certainly what the guru Roy Masters has been doing for half a century and it has brought him wealth indeed.He once decried the way Plain Truth religious group suckers people into funding them but whenever I listened to Masters he was forever begging for money on air and playing on people's unearned guilt for more cash.

It is rather difficult to  bring christianity into disrepute but this guy achieves it single handedly.

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