Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Burglar State

In a mixed economy which everyone has been fooled into thinking capitalist the very things the state should not be doing it does whilst neglecting the things it should be doing such as maintaining law and order, the very foundations of a free society.This week it is confirmed in a report what many have known for years that burglary is no longer something the police deem worthy of their attention and that it has effectively been decriminalised.The state in a semi collectivist system of democracy is more interested in concocting political crimes as befitting its totalitarian agenda and one is more likely to be arrested for having and expressing politically incorrect thoughts than robbing and burglaring.

Then again the state is engaged in burglary itself with its massive tax and grab redistribution programmes which rob the citizens of their wealth to fund welfare programmes for their electorate hence its lenient attitude towards the small time crooks.It then gives some of its stolen money to other countries re foreign aid so we are dealing with a kleptocratic state with no more legitimacy than the mafia.

Yet we are told this democracy is the highest manifestation of civilization,something to be exported to the four corners of the earth.Rape and plunder via the ballot box is an export most sane countries would do well to pass on which is probably why all such attempts to evangelize and recreate democrcay abroad has been met with undisguised contempt and rejection.

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