Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Banality of evil

The suicide is always an interesting study in pathology.Many suicides have the desire to take someone with them.This was done on a large scale in the French Alps last week.But whether it is motivated by pique,being jilted or because the suicide/homicide heard God telling him to so do the act of murder is the evil and not the motivation/excuse behind it.

All those innocents taken last week would be just as dead  whether the homicide was jilted or a jihadist,there are no degrees of evil here.Murder is the evil,not the motivation,rationale and excuse behind it.

In the case of the co pilot it is pure narcissism and self esteem deficit rather than as someone illogically claimed, an act of selfishness.This was self destruction married with homicidal intent -the very antithesis of selfishness which is about the preservation of the self  and not its anhiliation.

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