Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another UK Brain Drain on the way?

The most successful achievement of the coalition is to convince people that it has engaged in a programme of austerity when it has done nothing of the sort.It has consequently suffered all the vituperation and anathemisation for a  policy that it wasn't even following whilst reaping no financial dividends whatsoever. But the greatest condemnation of the Conservatives in the person of George Osborne is his suicidal course  of victimising and persecuting the wealth producers with his tax policies.

If this does not result in a massive haemorrhaging of business activity and an exodus of businesses to more economically favourable climates this will be a reversal of all known historic economic business principles namely that business flees from statist countries that have oppressive burdensome taxation regimes.It is a classic case of a relatively succesfull country commiting ritualised self slaughter on the altar of an unnamed creed namely that of collectivism and altruism.

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