Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ukip loses its way

People should vote Ukip by all means to get us out of the EU but their other policies are disappointingly wrong headed.Protectionism for starters.Wanting to control immigration to keep out unskilled labourers who compress wages and undercut the indigenous population is statism at its worst,a socialist policy that is not worthy of Ukip.

A points based quota system like Australia to attract specialised skilled workers may seem appealing but it is based on the notion of the national good, ie what the country needs in terms of scientists,doctors etc - a statist premise which is the very essence of collectivism rather than the correct position that the state  should exist to protect individual rights, one of which being the right of employers to hire those people who are best and most suitable for the position from whatever country they choose.

Then there is its support for the NHS.Nothing needs to be said about that other than this is a base populist appeal to what UKIP mistakenly believes the public want -a clapped out health system  predicated on the discredited theory and practice of socialism.

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