Tuesday, March 01, 2016

His Masters Voices

In a recent youtube ramble David son of cultist Roy Masters cited a recent survey showing that a sizeable number of Americans hear voices on a regular basis.A reader asserts that this proves people are being communicated to by entities from another dimension.Really! Have we not thanks to Freud learned that our brain consists of a vast tract of unconsciousness where are thought are buried and only a small percentage of our thoughts are held on a conscious level.The human brain is a computer with a vast store and stock of knowledge accumulated over decades so it is hardly surprising that we should hear stuff going on there it being such a complex organism with billions of circuits and neurons conveying data and information on an incalculable scale.To attribute this to voices hailing from another dimension is sheer nonsense which is of course the stock in trade at the Masters school of baloney and its willing band of duped followers, too many of whom are psychotic which is what draws them to Masters in the first place.

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