Thursday, March 10, 2016

Masterful Deceit

When Roy Masters used to wave his cross around and perform exorcisms his psychotic audience would obediently fall in line and auto suggestion-like go through the usual theatrics of frothing at the mouth,writhing and gibbering and then making a standard confession about some indiscretion of the past,a sexual transgression or whatever. Sinking to new lows of moral depravity the witchdoctor Masters would subject his suggestible audience to ritual humiliation and Frank Cain would refer to him thereafter as the son of Skeva who apparently in the Bible went round attempting to perform exorcisms but lacking the genuine authority came to grief and was ridiculed for his imposture.

Some idiotic follower attempted to imitate Masters and perform an exorcism on a hapless subject and within a week had suffered a massive stroke.Such was the havoc Masters left in his wake.

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Linda Method said...

The dirty trick of making people feel like they are demon-possessed is the single-most evil and destructive thing that Masters does. I lived in terror for years because I'd been convinced I must have demons, and I've seen first-hand in family, friends, and countless others how destructive this is. It should be illegal to induce such a psychotic state of mind. Getting away with this for as many years as Roy has is criminal. He's literally giving people mental illness, and in some cases it's intractable. Very sad. I've spoken with a few people who were irreparably damaged by their contact with Roy and it's tragic. At least the ole coot's circling the drain as we speak and will one day blip off the screen.